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2021 UPDATE Location outdoors and immersion in nature
Every month girls 18-28 y.o. can apply for the “Muse of the month” contest for a TFP photo shooting test from photographer team of “Holos Photo“: Francesco in Italy and Lithuania, Eva in Lithuania or Vadim in Belarus.
Actually requirements for contest are: long blond hair, blue or green eyes, height at least 175cm, expressive face and motivation to improve body consciousness. Model experience not required.

All partecipants will receive a bonus for a discount on a PRO photo service, useful to: create or update a portfolio, for an event reportage or to remember a special day like university degree, wedding, parties.
To apply, write a simple email with 5 full body pictures to HolosPhoto AT with subject “Application 4 Muse of the month”
You will receive the model archive form to declare your model availability in details :)

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In Florence, Milan, Vilnius 2021 offer is ready: YOU can take a 50% discount on regular fares of photo portfolio service!

Limited shootings, BOOK NOW your favourite hour/day!

Conditions: natural locations, 30 shots selected from about 100, photo quality 10 Mpixel (plus a small version for email use) with full model release.

If you are looking for the opportunity to work as model, ask for “photo model archive form” NOW to HolosPhoto @ !

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First time of my photo casting in India!

As usual if you are model send a profile photos or composit by email. Expressive girls are welcome, not necessary experience but motivation to pose and “feel acting” with body.

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Just few hours… enough to have a look on beautiful locations in Istanbul to shoot some natural beauty portraits.

Come on, there is space for last session free!

contact me by email (HolosPhoto @

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Posted by: FHB | 2010-08-26

PHOTO model CASTING call for SHOOTING tests

WHO: I’m a photographer from Florence (Italy), looking for inexperienced photo models that would like to improve their abilities to communicate emotions and feelings through photography.

WHAT: Selection will be guided from the ability to express natural “body & mind” towards a holistic feeling.

WHEN: every month photo casting will be possible after to fillĀ a form called “photo archive form” required by email. Photo shooting tests are taken in 2 sessions.

WHERE: in natural locations like riverside, seaside, hills, castles parks and countryside (interesting to be a good background).

Assistants are welcome, especially for location search.

For more info please write an email HolosPhoto @
Thanks ph. FHB

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Posted by: FHB | 2010-06-26

My blog is finally open ;)

Welcome to the new Francesco Bellini’s blog!


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